Ancestry & History in the Border areas between Scotland and England

This list is for the discussion and information regarding ancestry and history in the border areas between Scotland and England, roughly between the Firth of Forth and the Firth of Clyde, and south to Carlisle and the Pennines. Historically, this included six Marches, or administrative districts, East, Middle, and West March on each side of the border. The three on the Scottish side were administered by Scottish March Wardens, while those south of the border were administered by English March Wardens. It was the job of the March Warden ti dispense justice and adjudicate disputes, which was not always done in in a fair and equitable manner. In modern days, these Lowland areas are much more peaceful, with a rich history and culture all their own, different from both the English and the Highland Scots. If you have roots here, congratulations and welcome to the family! Please send a message to the list describing your family history and especially asking any questions which have been raised in your research. We are all one community, working together to better understand our background. Michael Thompson, list owner

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