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Please adhere to the following list rules. 1) Read the topic for this mailing list and only post messages on topic. Take off topic conversations off of this list. 2) When you reply to a message, if your response is not a response to that message then change the subject line. 3) Also when replying to a message on this list, cut the trailers before sending the message. 4) When replying to a message cut all but the pertinent part necessary for your message to make sense. 5) Do not use all capital letters. 6) Do not use all lower case letters. 7) Absolutely no flaming. 8) No profanity; if I can discern the profanity, even if one omits certain alphabetic letters, then it is a violation of my rules. 9) No personal messages. 10) If you have a problem contact me; do not send messages to the list regarding the rules. Contact me and I will contact the violator off list.