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Richmond County NY Gen

A list to connect with other researchers doing Richmond County, NY, aka Staten Island.

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Welcome to the NYRichmo mailing list for Staten Island researchers! FIRST, before posting queries or questions, please check out our web site. You will find much of the information there. and pay special attention to the search page. This will save everyone a lot of time. Thanks! Guidelines ========== As list administrator, it's my duty to make this list a welcoming and useful place. To that end, I have created a set of guidelines. It has been posted in the welcome message, so that everyone will see it. =========================================================== NYRichmo Guidelines 1a) Please view and abide by RootsWeb's Acceptable Use Policy at . Take special note of the following: - Copyright policy - no copyrighted info is to be posted to the list. - Commercial use - "Content submitted for the purpose of commercial use, advertising or fee for service is prohibited " without advance permission. No advertising a for-fee service. When in doubt, contact list admin or RootsWeb. - Privacy Policy/Policy on the Living - While not specifically prohibited, RootsWeb reserves the right to remove any content regarding living individuals. 1b) Please view and abide by RootsWeb's Community Guidelines at . Take special note of the following: - For starters, simply treat others the way you want to be treated. - Post only information appropriate for a given topic. For example... If you're posting on the US, regional or international board, you must be making reference to the appropriate location. - Don't post commercial messages, fee-for-service postings, advertising or related links, etc. 2) List postings must remain on topic. Topic is, of course, Staten Island genealogy. As guidelines: a) Virus warnings are NOT to be disseminated, nor hoax rebuttals, nor the like. b) Complaints should first be discussed with list admin. c) There will be generous latitude in discussing Staten Island history, but not nostalgia. There are other places for that. 3) Netiquette standards should be followed, including no flaming, insults, etc. This applies both on and off the list, with list members. List members may not harass other list members, either on or off the list. If you have a problem with a list item, email admin, not each other. I have a very loose definition of harassment. 4) Violators of these guidelines will either go on the administrator's "reject list" which screens all postings before they go to the list, or be banned from the list. "Flagrant" or "Intentional" violations of these guidelines will result in immediate and permanent removal from the list. All other violations will result in a written warning from the List Administrator. A repeat of the warned violation will be considered to be "Intentional" and immediate action will be taken. Thank you in advance for your cooperation! If you have any questions, feel free to contact admin ( ) or RootsWeb (at the link above). Let's make this a productive place to research. Crash Course in Staten Island Genealogy ======================================= If you spell it geneOlogy or can't yet convert to Soundex in your head or don't know what FHC stands for... Starting off: FHL Getting Started with Family History (By Starting at the Beginning) Genealogy.coms Getting Started Guide RootsWeb's "Guide to Tracing Family Trees" Gen-Newbie's GenForum Cyndi's List "Beginners" links If you have done probate in Ohio and baptismal records in Holland... Staten Island Quirks -------------------- Staten Island was inhabited by the Lenai Lenape Native Americans. In the 1600s, the Dutch and then English opened the "Gateway to New York." Many, many immigrant groups were to follow. Staten Island was comprised of four, then five, incorporated villages, until 1898, when it joined NYC ("The Consolidation"). It is now one of the five boroughs (roughly equal to a county) of the city. Since then it is known as "The Forgotten Borough" so keep this in mind when researching. Also remember that the locals spell it "boro," similar to "donut" rather than "doughnut". In general, records before 1898 were kept by Staten Island, and some of them ended up in Albany (the state capital); and since then by New York City. The NYC Municipal Archives and NYC Department of Health have the vitals, but records such as probate and deeds are still at the county seat (St. George). You should start off with Vitals and Censuses before going any further. Then, connect with other researchers at Surnames, browse the Site and do a Search on your surname. We have some great military, school, church, immigrant, and much, much more info at our site. The volunteers who post information, or administer websites, probably do not have your family tree on their computers. So please do the above rather than asking. Still have questions? The mailing list that you just subscribed to would probably know more than admin.