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New Brunswick Canada Genealogy

Genealogy discussion for Province of New Brunswick Canada. Subject Lines should include reference to: City/Town in NB, time frame and SURNAME (all in CAPS) This is NOT the list to discuss adoption or trying to locate birth parents. Do NOT include info on Living Persons. No adoption, chain letters, political announcements, current events, or personal messages, or items for sale. List Archives for this mailing list are are: Make sure you check Provincial Archives & Find A Grave before submitting a query. 1- New Brunswick Provincial Archives 2-Find a Grave 3- Library & Archives Canada

Welcome Message
Welcome to the NEW BRUNSWICK genealogy mailing list! The topic of this list is genealogy in New Brunswick Canada. Adoption discussion is NOT part of this list. DO NOT ask for info on LIVING PEOPLE! This is a privacy issue. If you wish to offer a LOOKUP in a book, please visit the Books We Own project and do so there. Offering to do LOOKUPS in books that you own are NOT welcome on the list as authors certainly would not be pleased that their work was being given away for free. You are violating copyright laws as well. If you're not sure whether your post is OFF TOPIC, ask me privately BEFORE you send it. DO NOT post items for sale, test messages, virus/trojan warnings, change of address notices, chain letters, political announcements, current events,happy holiday messages, adoption or personal messages, etc. If you think there's something wrong with the list or you haven't received any messages from the list, DO NOT send a TEST message to the list asking what is wrong. Follow these 4 steps.... 1 To see if you missed anything, visit the archives at 2 Visit my List Announcements page at 3 Visit the HelpDesk at Rootsweb at 4 Write to me directly at the above address. Before making a post to the list, please go through these guidelines. There are 700+ members worldwide, and you need to be clear when writing up your post so that everyone understands. DO NOT use abbreviations! First, Visit Mailing List Manners at Then stop by this link to learn how to write a query that will get you results. If you are subscribed in Digest mode, create a new message and make sure you change the subject line!!! If you post a message and it doesn't appear within 1/2 hour, don't post it again! There may be a glitch somewhere in the system. Most people are busy and cannot read everything that they would like to. As a member of any mailing list, please respect other people's time. Reply to messages only when you have something substantive to contribute. "I agree" and "me too" messages are not substantive. ALL posts to the list should include a time frame (date), a location in New Brunswick (town where the event occured), and all SURNAMES posted in Capital letters. You should also tell us where you've already looked so we don't duplicate your efforts. Postings to the list should be addressed to All counties in New Brunswick have their own web site. Visit NB GenLinks at or NB GenWeb at Canada didn't start keeping track of birth/deaths/marriages until the late 1800's, so you're limited to tombstones, bible & census records prior to then. 1851 is the earliest census. Visit this link to learn about Civil Registration. Saint John is the river, city and county in this province. Saint is spelled out and John is singular. St. John's is located in the province of Newfoundland. The St. is abbreviated and John's is possessive. PANB is the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick. Internet Etiquette can be found at ACKNOWLEDGE replies to your queries with a thank you even if it is just to say you have received it. Obituaries for New Brunswick should be posted to their own mailing list at Other Canadian mailing list topics can be found at DO NOT post items for sale on the list. When someone offers something that YOU WANT, please write to them directly at their email address, not through the list. The 700+ members aren't interested in the fact that you want a document from someone on the list. This is a personal request, and as such should be treated that way...privately. I am a volunteer list admin. I am not on-line 24 hours a day. Sometimes I go grocery shopping. I check my email daily, and I will get back to you; have patience. Finally, if you do not like the way someone formats their queries or responses, the content of their subject titles, take it up with ME, NOT on the list. Remember we're all living is different parts of the world and what is obvious to you may not be obvious to other list members. Please be patient and polite to fellow list members. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a note at the above address. Good luck, Marilyn Strout NB Mailing List Admin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~