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Welcome to the MarinGenSoc mailing list! Please be sure to save this message for your future reference. Historically, this list does not have overwhelming traffic. If you have subscribed in Digest mode, you may want to switch to List mode and get each message as it is released from the server. The Digest mode saves up messages and releases them in a batch. You may either unsubscribe from digest and resubscribe in list mode, or send the Admin a note asking to be switched. This mailing list is established for those who are interested in corresponding with, or learning about the activities of, the Marin County [California]Genealogical Society. Activities of The Society and meeting announcements will be posted to the list. All messages are archived and publicly viewable the world over. It is not recommended that you post your address or telephone number to the list. However, be aware that if your telephone number and address is listed in the phone book or entered on any document, it likely is already available online. When exchanging informaton to carpool, for example, it is recommended to exchange phone numbers and locations via private email. This is also a place for discussions of genealogy in general. Society members on the list will have knowledge they can share regarding genealogy in Marin County; however, queries that require record look-ups are to be referred to the Society's research committee members. Other appropriate topics are genealogically related humor postings (we all need a break from the ancestor search!) and software discussions. The Society's web site will be found at Do take a look to see what has been recently posted and also to check our schedule of meetings and events. There is also a beginner's breakfast held monthly to help new members and new researchers. Plan on joining us! It is a good way to get to know others in the Society in a more relaxed manner than there may be time for at the general meetings. Enjoy yourself! Be patient with those just learning, be it how to post to the list or how to do genealogy. NO flames! If you have a problem with someone on the list, send them a private post. If that does not resolve your issue, send me a private message at my listowner/administrator address: Remember you have free use of your delete key, use it as frequently as needed for unwanted messages that you don't care to read! : ) This list is set to automatically send your reply to the entire list. If you mean to reply ONLY to an individual, you will have to proactively change the address to exclude the list address and to include the individual's address. Do not send e-mail messages to this mailing list for which the topic is inappropriate. If your purpose in joining this list is to sell products, unsubscribe now. The listowner will not tolerate spam. If you are responding to a message posted earlier, please do not leave the message attached. If you must quote the other message, please keep it to the minimum amount of information to make your response understood. Everyone that is subscribed to the list will have already received a copy of the earlier message. Please check your subject line to be sure it is in agreement with the topic of your post. This is especially helpful when a discussion evolves through several generations of messages and no longer reflects the original posting. Please turn off your HTML or RTF (rich text format)coding and any automatic signature lines before posting to this list. Do not send attachments (attached files) of any sort to this mailing list. This includes URL shortcuts, v-cards, GEDCOM files, zipped files, and any other type of attachment. Do not send graphics to this mailing list. The server does not like them and your message will not post. Please keep signature lines to four lines or less. Do not include the names you may be researching in your signature lines as it will result in others getting a false positive result when searching on surnames. When they come to your message they will find that it does not respond to their query in any manner, except that you have listed the name. This makes searching more time consuming and frustrating than it need be. It also trains readers to ignore your messages as irrelevant. Under no circumstances is there to be posting of copyright protected data, such as found on the CD ROM Rearch Disks published by the various software companies, such as Broderbund or Palladium. If in doubt, check the software agreement that came with your software. I recognize this is usually done in a spirit of helpfulness, but I cannot allow it to occur on this list. Do not cross-post messages to multiple mailing lists on the "To:" line or the "Cc:" line of the e-mail message. Do not send messages that warn of viruses. Most are hoaxes. The folks that send them out take advantage of people new to the internet to spread their phoney messages. If you need to check to see if the message you received is valid you can visit: * Department of Energy Computer Incident Advisory Capability at <> * Symantec Anti Virus Research Center at <> * McAfee Associates Virus Hoax List at <> * Dr. Solomons Hoax Page at <> * The Urban Legends Web Site at <> * Urban Legends Reference Pages at <> * Datafellows Hoax Warnings at <> If you need assistance, contact me at this address: Happy Trails, Lauren Boyd McLachlan, FSA Scot MarinGenSoc Listowner/Administrator