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A new home ?
by Nivard Ovington
16 hours, 20 minutes
ADMIN - RootsWeb Mailing Lists
by Ron Mapplebeck
2 weeks, 2 days
Re: Mariner ancestors
by List user
2 weeks, 2 days
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    Welcome to Mariners! Before you post, there are just a few things we need to mention! Each list has guidelines to help everything work smoothly and we need you please to read the following. 1. This is a list for mariners and ships - anyone at all who lived their life on the water, and any kind of ship from the smallest fishing boat to the largest man of war. It is NOT for passengers! We cannot, and do not, help with requests about passengers or immigrants under any circumstances. For those questions please join our sister list, 2. This list is non-political and non-biased. There have been conflicts throughout the centuries and while it is often necessary to refer to a ship having been lost to enemy action, please remember that this is an international list and your message may be read by a wide variety of nationalities. Please be sure that you take care not to offend. 3. NO FLAMES! No rude comments, no sarcastic remarks! We were all beginners once, we may all make what may seem to you to be a foolish remark but please don't add to it by adding something that might distress another list member. Any rebukes required will be made by the listowners! 4. No personal messages (other than a 'thanks' which is always nice), no hoax emails, no virus warnings! And please, no advertising, either by yourself, or by referring other subscribers to paid researchers or commercial sites. ENJOY your time on Mariners, and good luck with your research!