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This list is for anyone who has an interest in genealogy related to Clay County, Kentucky. Your participation is welcome and encouraged whether it is from posting queries, your specific surnames with dates, family group sheets, vital records, articles regarding Clay County, census reports, Bible records, letters and any other items relating to the genealogy of Clay County families. Please read the following posting guidelines: --- Post *only* information related to this list topic. All queries related to people who were born, married, died, or lived in the area are welcome. County history, and county geography are also considered on topic. Please do NOT post virus warnings, jokes, folklore, recipes, weather reports, "me too", "thank you", "test", or other personal posts here. Those are best sent privately or posted to the many lists and message boards created for that purpose. Members who join in on these "off topic" subjects may be removed from the list. If you are in doubt as to the appropriateness of a subject, please send an email to privately to discuss it. --- Remember that all messages to the list are archived by Rootsweb and can be seen by *anyone* at any time by clicking on the archives link on the Rootsweb home page. Invitations to visit websites are permitted as long as you do not mention $ in the messages. --- For the ease of those reading your messages either via email or the archives, please use the subject line of your message carefully. It should contain the name and/or dates of the person or people your message is about, if you have that information. Generic subject lines like "roll call" or "my surnames" are not advised, as many researchers only scan the subject line for names they are researching. *Please* do not impose any other rules or conditions, expressed or implied elsewhere, upon this list. Rules of other forums may not necessarily apply here. If you have a question, problem, a complaint about either the content of the information posted or the conduct of another participant, do NOT send it to the list. Instead, send it to: