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To contact the List Administrator privately send an email to: The purpose of this mailing list is to request census lookups in Kentucky, and to send replies for those requests. INSTRUCTIONS FOR REQUESTING A CENSUS LOOKUP: Subject Lines should be in the following format:YEAR/County/SURNAME (type the SURNAME in all CAPITALS) Example: 1910 / Campbell Co. / POWERS Include the following information when making a request: --Census Year you want searched--First name and SURNAME (middle initial, if known)--Year of birth and birthplace (State or Country)--Spouse's name, age and birthplace--Names and ages of any known children--Parent's names, ages, birthplace (if you're searching for a child)--County of residence (if known) Please don't post any general request such as "Please send me a list of all MOORE families in Jefferson Co." -or- "I'm looking for William TELLER from 1900 to 1930" Please request only ONE census year per email. Please request a lookup for only ONE person or family group per email Don't post more than one or two requests per day. If you're answering someone's request, ALWAYS send your reply back to the list so it's archived. Failure to follow these guidelines could result in your request being ignored. If you don't get a reply after 3 to 5 days, send your request again and type "Second Request" in the subject line along with the Year / County / SURNAME