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Welcome to the Isle-of-Wight mailing list This message is generated automatically by the list server (the computer that runs the mailing list.) Please read it carefully and save it for future reference. Whilst the List Administrator is always happy to help in times of difficulty, you may well find that the answers to many of your (technical) questions are contained below. Below you will find: 1) Basic information about the list 2) Unsubscribing from the list 3) (Re)subscribing to the list 4) Going on holiday 5) How to send messages to the list 6) The RootsWeb mailing list archives and search engine 7) Prepends 8) General list rules 1. Basic Information About The List --------------------------------------------------------------- This is a discussion area for anyone who has an interest in Genealogy and Local History related to the Isle of Wight, England. The aim of this list is to help each other by sharing information and knowledge, advising where one can locate, or offer to help search sources, in England & abroad. Please note, however, that whilst professional genealogists and record agents who have genuine interests in the Isle-of-Wight family are most welcome to join us, they must on no account use the list as a means of touting for business or obtaining information from other subscribers to further their own ends. This list is provided to us Free Of Charge by the RootsWeb organisation, on the understanding that it not used in any way for financial gain. Continued use of this mailing list requires that you have read and agreed to the terms of RootsWeb's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) < >. The Listowner is Keith Elmo Eldridge, who is based in the village of Buxworth, Derbyshire, England. He has many genealogical interests around the country and his main research interests on the Isle of Wight is the ELDRIDGE family going back to the 1700s. 2. Unsubscribing From The List --------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe from the list, send a new Plain Text message to < > that contains, in the Subject: field, the command UNSUBSCRIBE and no additional text. 3. (Re)Subscribing To The List --------------------------------------------------------------- To subscribe to the list, send a message to < > or < > that contains, in the Subject: field, the command SUBSCRIBE and no additional text. 4. Going On Holiday --------------------------------------------------------------- If you are going to be away for a while, and will not be able to download mail, then you are advised to UNSUBSCRIBE from the list before you go, and SUBSCRIBE again when you return. Most ISPs place a limit on the number of non-downloaded mails a user may have. Once this limit is reached, list messages will be rejected by the ISP, and returned to the RootsWeb server, which will automatically unsubscribe the offending address (before sending the rejected message on to a frustrated List Administrator!) Instructions are given below for retrieving messages from the archives, and also the URL for the RootsWeb mailing list search engine. 5. Sending Messages To The List --------------------------------------------------------------- If you'd like to post a message so everyone on the mailing list receives it, just send it to < >. It will then be sent on to everyone who is subscribed to the list. Messages to the list can only be sent if you are currently subscribed. Please send all replies back to the list, unless they are off-topic or of a private nature. If your e-mail software displays each message in the digest separately then the easiest way to do this is by using the "Reply to All" (or equivalent) function of your e-mail software. Digest subscribers Please ensure that the Subject is meaningful and the address is correct before sending any messages to the list. 6. The RootsWeb Mailing List Archives and Search Engine --------------------------------------------------------------- The messages sent to this mailing list, in common with many other RootsWeb mailing lists, are held on an archive database, which can be searched using an interactive search engine. The URL for this search engine is < > You will then have the opportunity to search for any words in any message sent to the list since its inception. To search for messages sent by particular person search for the following from/name@domain where name@domain is their e-mail address. There is also a Threaded Archive of the Isle-of-Wight list at < > 7. Prepends --------------------------------------------------------------- A prepend is a label with the list name that can be automatically added to the Subject of all messages sent to the list. The Isle-of-Wight list currently has the prepends turned on and set to [IoW]. Warning: There are many viruses that use the Subject field of existing messages when propagating themselves. Do not assume that the existence of the prepend means that the messages has necessarily come from the list or that it is not infected. 8. General List Rules --------------------------------------------------------------- The list is not moderated. Any message sent to it will automatically go out to everyone on the list. Whilst I in no way want to stifle free discussion, as list owners we reserve the right to step in if a flame war erupts that becomes tedious for other subscribers, or if someone becomes unseemly (excessive use of profanity, for instance). Please remember that the purpose of this list is for genealogical discussion. Please keep your messages short and to the point. An excessively long message will not be read properly, and will only frustration some subscribers - especially those who have to pay for local telephone calls! Once you have established a common interest with a fellow subscriber, THEN is the time to send (as a personal mail to them only) fuller details of your research. If you have a personal message (non relevant reply or question) for the sender, please send it to their e-mail address, not the mailing list address. Any mail sent to < > will automatically be sent to everyone on the list. Please do not use the Isle-of-Wight list for general off-topic chatting. Please use uppercase for family names and leading capitals for given names and place names. For example: John Isle-of-Wight of Anytown, Middlesex, England. This is desirable especially in the Subject of the message. The reason for this is that it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between the names of places and people. Reducing the confusion between names is a benefit to the list as a whole. RootsWeb lists have been set up so as not to allow file attachments to be sent to them. This is because of the problems which these can cause with some mail readers. All message to the list should be sent in Plain Text. --------------------------------------------------------------- Remember: Commands go to < >, < > or < > NOT the List Administrator or the list Messages go to < > or < > Please send on-topic replies back to the list, with meaningful subjects and the prepend removed. If you have problems with sub commands, please e-mail the List Administrator at < > or personally at < > Thank you for subscribing ---------------------------------------------------------------