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Re: [INDIA] Ross family, Tamil Nadu
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You are now subscribed to a mailing list for people researching their European or Anglo-Indian ancestors in the former European territories of India (including modern Pakistan, Bangladesh and Burma/Myanmar), and Ceylon. The India List was founded in July 1997 by Cathy Day. The current administrator can be contacted at: Before posting your first query it is suggested that you do a search of the archives because there is a good chance that your question has been asked, and answered before. The archives are at: and at: Fill in the subject line with names places and dates, e.g. SMITH, BROWN and JONES, 1800 Calcutta Note that the SURNAMES are in Capitals. It will help us to help you if you sign your message with your name, location and e-mail address. You're expected to stay more or less on topic, and always be polite. Brief digressions from topicality are sometimes tolerated but when the admin says it's over the topic is closed. From time to time you may read about quarantine. It's a place where those that have caused the admin to grumble are sent. Once in quarantine you will stay there for a week (or until the admin remembers to take the address back off the reject list). While there you will still receive messages but won't be able to post any. How to get started Check the archives. Someone else may have posted your family interests already. Archives for this list can be found at: and at: Then check the Families in British India Society at: For the INDIA-BRITISH-RAJ Mailing List go to: Maps of British India: Thackers and other directories: THINGS TO SEND TO THE LIST 1. All queries and questions, related to your family history in India. 2. A brief summary of your family tree and/or Indian interests. 3. Replies to queries of a general nature. For example, tell the whole list about - sources for certain records - meanings of unfamiliar words - useful websites youve found - occupational information tips on solving a problem 4. Remember, others might be interested in your responses, that how Lists work. We learn from each other. THINGS TO SEND TO AN INDIVIDUAL SUBSCRIBER 1. Replies to specific queries, or discussion of individual family issues (e.g. is my Aunty Gertrude related to your Uncle Blinky?) 2. Queries or anecdotes not related to India in some way 3. Requests for lookups (e.g. please look up the name Bazalick in your book; please search for my ancestor in the microfilm ...) 4. Specific details of holdings (e.g. here is a list of all persons surnamed Bazalick in the cemetery at ...) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ WARNINGS There is NEVER a need to quote whole preceding messages, (especially with headers and footers), to establish context. It is already stored in the archives and need not be repeated. If a quote is necessary, a sentence or phrase should be sufficient. Posting of virus warnings, test messages, chain letters, jokes, political announcements, current events, items for sale, flames, etc., (in other words - spam) is NOT ALLOWED. If you are not sure whether a message is suitable for posting in the India List, send it as private email to the Administrator at Generally, the India List is a friendly List. We really dont want its friendliness endangered, so those who are disruptive will be unsubscribed. If you receive a private message complaining about what you have posted to the List, please forward that it to Never post messages, or part-messages, sent to you privately, unless with the permission of the original sender.