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looking for Charles LEE or LEA born 1800
by Bob Campbell
1 year, 8 months
Anne Elizabeth Mellows
by Peter Gainsborough
2 years, 2 months
Re: [SRY] Anne Elizabeth Mellows
2 years, 2 months
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    The list is for discussion about all aspects of family, local and social history in all the ancient parishes of Surrey, England, including those that were eventually transferred to London in the late nineteenth century. If a place has ever been in Surrey we deal with it here. The list is set up so that replies go back to all subscribers. This is intended to encourage discussion and participation. Please use meaningful subject lines in emails eg BROWN family, Farnham, or Guildford Builders 18th Century. Capital letters for surnames (only) is useful. Digest subscribers have a choice of Format. Please contact me /off list/ to request changes. Please use PLAIN TEXT for all your messages and please delete all previous messages in replies, EXCEPT the one to which you are replying. If your email provider, eg Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Ymail, RocketMail, doesn't retain the plain text setting, please make sure you adjust your settings each time you send a message to the list. This is a Rootsweb rule. Administrative matters or any problem with the list should be discussed with me privately at and not on the List. I hope you enjoy your time with us. The essential administrative information follows...