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For those interested in the Warrington region of Lancashire

Note the New URL for the Group shown above. It is now effective, and this Rootsweb site will be archived on 2nd March 2020.

Welcome Message
*This list is for the discussion of Genealogy and History, regarding WARRINGTON related families. (Not the surname WARRINGTON, unless of course they come from Warrington). Discussion of migration patterns, immigration, heraldry, historical sketches, Warrington settlements, census data, wills, family Bibles, vital records, web sites, etc. as it relates to Warrington is encouraged. Please send email postings to ****** DO NOT POST ***** VIRUS WARNINGS, test messages, chain letters, political announcements, current events, items for sale, personal messages, etc. For information on virus hoaxes and urban legends see: ******* DO NOT SEND ******* FILE ATTACHMENTS (messages with files appended) to the list. They will be rejected. Rootsweb does NOT permit nor pass attachments. If you have a file you would like to share with the members, announce what you have to offer, then send the file only to those who request it, via private email. * RUDE COMMENTS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED on the list! No discussion of flaming in the list. For definitions of flaming and related information see * DO NOT IMPOSE ANY RULES OR CONDITIONS, expressed or implied elsewhere, upon this list. Rules of other forums may not necessarily apply here. Do not try to regulate this list. If you do not like the way someone formats their queries or responses, or the content of their subject titles, TAKE IT UP WITH THE LIST OWNER, NOT in the list. The list is for Genealogy and History only. * KEEP QUOTING TO A MINIMUM. "Quoting" is repeating text of the message you are replying to. Some quoting is necessary to remind other readers what the thread is about but do try to use good judgement. Quoting the previous writer's signature block or surname list is totally unnecessary. * Surname lists are okay but please try to limit them to say, half a dozen names. Any more than that and many people just won't read them. Try keeping several small lists and rotate them with each succeeding message. D. ****TIPS ***** * PLEASE capitalize ALL surnames (not the whole message) as this makes it much easier for others to see your surnames when reading your message. * SUBJECT LINES - When replying to a message please check the subject line to make sure that it is relevant to the topic in hand. It gets very frustrating when subject lines get repeated over and over from the original message and it has nothing to do with the present topic. * ACKNOWLEDGE replies to your queries. It's only common courtesy. This is a regular occurrence where someone will reply to your message but receive no acknowledgement that you have received it and not even a simple thank you for any information they have furnished you with. * When REPLYING to a message sent to the list decide if this is information that all the list members would like to know about or whether it would only be of interest to the individual to whom you are replying. If you feel that all list members would find it of interest then by all means post your reply to the list. If your reply includes such details that would only be of interest to this one person then please just reply to that person. * POST YOUR QUERY frequently, perhaps once a month, if you have not yet found your ancestor. New people are joining the list all the time and they may have the info you need. E. VISIT THE ROOTSWEB HOME PAGE: for additional information and a wealth of tips. I hope you find who you're looking for, and have a good time researching. I'm sure you'll find plenty of friends and helpful people on this list. Good luck, Neil ( List Admin )