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Welcome to the Prescot mailing list! This list is for discussion of surnames from and the history of Prescot. If you are new to Prescot family history research, a good place to start is http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/LAN/Prescot Upon subscribing, please send a short introductory Plain Text email to the list to let us know your research interests in Prescot. It is recommended that Lancashire researchers also subscribe to LancsGen, the list for all of Lancashire. For information and subscription instructions, see https://mailinglists.rootsweb.com/listindexes/search/LANCSGEN To post to this list, send a Plain Text email to eng-lan-prescot@rootsweb.com WHAT SHOULD YOU POST? 1. Questions about your ancestors. Give as much detail as you can. 2. Interesting history that is relevant to the list. 3. Genealogy and family history conferences, even if they charge for admission. 4. Genealogy societies should feel free to post about their society, events, and their websites. 5. Book reviews of genealogy books are reasonable to post. A list of books is not, but sharing a good genealogy book you've found is a good idea. 6. Links to personal blogs that are about genealogy. They can be your blog or someone else's. 7. New collections on various genealogy sites that are relevant. No advertisements, please, but if you find an interesting collection on Ancestry, FamilySearch, GENUKI, or some other site that has relevance to the list, let people know. WHAT SHOULD BE IN YOUR POST? 1. An informative but concise subject line. 2. If asking for assistance, include enough information to enable someone to help you. 3. When replying to a previous message, be sure to check that eng-lan-prescot@rootsweb.com address is showing in the Send To box of your email before clicking on send. If your reply is strictly personal, send it privately. 4. Proofread and be sure you want your post public. All posts go in the archives! ARCHIVES To see past posts to this list visit https://lists.rootsweb.com/hyperkitty/list/eng-lan-prescot@rootsweb.com/ You can unsubscribe by emailing the following with the single word UNSUBSCRIBE in both the subject and body: eng-lan-prescot-leave@rootsweb.com NEED TO CONTACT THE LIST ADMINISTRATOR? Don't post administrative messages to the list. Send your email to eng-lan-prescot-owner@rootsweb.com If you have not signed up for an account to manage your subscriptions, visit our Sign Up page: https://lists.rootsweb.com/accounts/signup/ You can view all of your lists on your Subscription Page: https://lists.rootsweb.com/postorius/accounts/subscriptions/ If you need to recover your password, visit our Login Page: https://lists.rootsweb.com/accounts/login/