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This list is to discuss genealogy and/or local history in the FYLDE registration district of Lancashire, particularly the seaside city of BLACKPOOL, and surrounding parishes and hamlets including Bispham, Carleton, Fleetwood, Hardhorn, Kirkham, Layton, Lytham, Marton, Poulton le Fylde, Singleton, Thornton, and Weeton. Discussion of family history, migration patterns, immigration, historical sketches, census data, wills, vital records (births, marriages, deaths), and web sites relating to this area is encouraged. Please only send details about ancestors you know came from or lived in this area or who had other connections with the area. I'm the volunteer administrator of this list. My responsibility is to keep the list running as smoothly as possible. To that end, the guidelines that follow have been established. This message is very looooooong, but there is a lot of important information and I wanted this message to be as comprehensive as possible so there would be no misunderstandings. Please READ, PRINT, KEEP, and ABIDE by these guidelines. Failure to abide by list guidelines will result in, at best, having your posts moderated, or, at worst, being unsubscribed from the list. Have fun and good luck with your research! Lynne List Administrator ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ NEW SUBSCRIBERS: ~ Please post a message to the list introducing yourself. Give us a general idea of where you live, let us know where your interests lie, which surnames you're researching, and the accompanying dates and places areound Blackpool. The message should be sent to ~ Before you post, check the options on your e-mail software to make sure that "HTML" or "RichText" option is switched OFF and that messages are sent in "plain/text" format. ~ If you must use a spam-blocking program, please be sure that it will accept mail from both RootsWeb's computers and all list members and that it doesn't interfere in any way with list mail. Please also make sure that it doesn't require that each list member verify his/her e-mail address or respond to any e-mail generated by the spam-filtering program. ~ If you are unfamiliar with mailing lists, be sure to visit for help and information. Other useful sites are: How to Write Effective Mailing List e-mail: Before You Ask: When You Ask: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way:, A Beginner's Guide to Effective Email: Learn to Quote: If you use Outlook Express, see Also visit,, for some good netiquette tips. ~ If you are new to English genealogy, be sure to visit GENUKI at ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ GUIDELINES: * DO * ~ Adhere to RootsWeb's ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY ( and copyright laws. Do give complete citations when quoting from resources. ~ Type SURNAMES in all CAPS in both the subject and body of your messages. This makes it much easier for most of us, especially those that receive lots and lots of mail, to scan your message. Type all other text normally lest we think you're shouting at us. ~ Post with a SHORT, INFORMATIVE SUBJECT LINE. Include the surname (in CAPS), location, and dates whenever possible. Don't use "help," "lookup," "info requested" or any other generic line. When replying to a message please check the subject line to make sure that it is relevant to the topic at hand. It gets very frustrating when a subject line gets repeated over and over from the original message and has nothing to do with the present topic. Change the subject line to reflect the content of the message and include surname (in caps), locality, and date when appropriate. Better yet, create a new message if the subject has changed. ~ Limit SIGNATURE BLOCKS to four lines or less. Don't include the surnames you're researching within your sig block as this impedes the interactive search of the archives. If you insist on including surnames, they must be within the subject county and each letter must be separated by a space so they don't interfere with archive searches, e.g., S M I T H ~ SNIP when replying to messages. The most frequent complaint received from subscribers, especially those getting digests, is that folks leave huge amounts of the previous message when replying to list. Please quote only what is necessary for understanding or continuity. To prune the text, drag your cursor over the words to be removed to select them, and overtype with "<snip>" to show you have removed a section. ~ KEEP MESSAGES ON TOPIC. Don't post personal chat and thank-you's, netiquette lessons, rhymes, ditties, songs, recipes, festive greetings, chain letters, jokes, or other trivia. If you wish to discuss such topics, and they are Lancashire-related, you may do so on LANCSLIFE-L. If you have questions or need assistance with your computer or software, check the archives of or join the list relevant to your problem (see If you think there's an off-topic subject that should be addressed on list, have an announcement to make, or think something posted by the administrator of another list should be shared with this list, please drop me a line first and allow me to decide whether it's appropriate or not. If an off-topic post makes it to the list, please don't jump on the bandwagon and reply to it on the list. That just compounds the problem and annoys everyone. ADMINISTRATIVE MESSAGES are not for discussion on list. You are always welcome to send polite questions, concerns, and comments to me privately. * DON'T * ~ Do not post messages of a COMMERCIAL nature, a public promotion of some product or service, messages asking to buy or sell anything, or links to items on e-Bay. There are lists for buying and selling -- see Don't put anyone else in the position of violating RootsWeb's prohibition against commercial messages. If you want an opinion on a web site or other resource relevant to the list's topic, ask for all replies to be off list and be sure your query isn't pinpointed toward any one vendor. Okay: "Please contact me privately (off list) with your opinions of 1871 census CDs." Not okay: "Please let us know what you think of XYZ's 1871 census CDs." If you see an item mentioned on a commercial site that would be of interest to members of the list, please contact me privately and we'll work together to format a message that will not violate RootsWeb's AUP. If you have an item to buy or sell, use one of the appropriate RootsWeb lists (see ~ Do not send "TEST" MESSAGES to this or any other list. They are off topic and annoying to all. If the list seems too quiet, post a relevant, on-topic message to the list to stimulate conversation. If you think your messages may not be reaching the list, check the list archives. If your message appears in the archives it means it's been sent to all subscribers. If your message isn't in the archives, go to to see if you are still subscribed to the list (you may have bounced off) and, if not, re-subscribe. If there is no message at the Help Desk and Password Central indicates you are still subscribed to the list, then check your spam/message folders to see if mail is being filed incorrectly. If that's not the problem, contact your ISP. If all else fails, contact me privately at or ~ Do not post VIRUS OR HOAX WARNINGS. Viruses do not come through the list. It is incumbent upon you to learn about, use, and regularly update virus protection on your own computer. If you wish to discuss viruses or virus protection, that may be done on VIRUS-DISCUSSION-L. Go to for virus information or consult the web site of any antivirus software manufacturer. ~ DO NOT BREACH COPYRIGHT or licensing agreements. Be careful to avoid infringing upon copyright when *providing* lookups and be sure to CITE SOURCES. Unless specifically allowed by the publisher or owner of the copyright, do not post BLANKET LOOKUP OFFERS. Although it is nice to repay the efforts of others by helping, remember that the unsolicited *offering* of lookups is a potential breach of copyright or licensing agreement and should not be made. Do not post messages, or parts of messages, from other lists or sent to you privately without the express permission of the original author. If you wish to publish someone else's message or forward it to another list you must first obtain the original poster's permission. Otherwise, not only is it a blatant violation of netiquette, it's also a infringement of copyright and a breach of RootsWeb's AUP. If you see something posted that you'd like to forward, contact the original poster and get their explicit permission. Once received, please add to the beginning of the forwarded message a note that permission from the original poster was granted. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ TIPS: ~ KEEP MESSAGES SHORT AND SUCCINCT, focused on a single subject. Include as much useful information as you can in your message (e.g. dates, parishes, forenames and maiden names). Use complete sentences and punctuation, type surnames in all upper case, limit abbreviations, and use the spell checker before you send a message. Please do not relate your whole family history - just give a few brief details so that anyone reading the message who may share your interests can contact you. ~ REQUESTING A LOOKUP? Be sure to include first name(s), SURNAME, birth date, occupation, and address. Tell us what you have and what you need. Say what sources you have already consulted (any census, IGI, parish records, etc.). There is little more frustrating than answering a general plea for help with information only to be told, "Oh, sorry, I already have that data." Don't make anyone jump through hoops to try to help you. Don't post "Will SKS with the 1861 census please contact me?" If you want a lookup, just give us the information and ask for the lookup. ~ BE SPECIFIC. The more precise you make your query, the more specific the responses will be. Asking clear, detailed questions will demonstrate that you have done some prior research. It also limits the scope of the question so that others won't feel overwhelmed by the prospect of responding. Other subscribers are more likely to help you if you make it as easy as possible. Give us the information you have that will enable someone to do the lookup. If you're asking for a census lookup, cut and paste the details of the household that you have from another census. ~ DATES - In the UK, 2/11/1844 means November 2, 1844, but in the US it means February 11, 1844. Quite different! To avoid misunderstandings, please type dates as 2 Nov 1844 or 11 Feb 1844. ~ Read the list's TAG LINES, the little messages that appear at the bottom of each message sent to the list. They contain helpful information and links. ~ The basis of the list is cooperation, so unless you're sharing personal or off-topic information, please do SHARE INFORMATION that you have and post queries or respond to queries on the list. Other subscribers can learn from posts and replying to the list will also save someone from doing a lookup that has already been done. ~ The REPLY button normally sends replies to the list, but your software may work differently. Always check the TO field before pressing SEND. If your comment should go to just the original poster, you might need to copy and paste their address into the new message. ~ POST YOUR QUERY frequently, perhaps once a month, if you have not yet found your ancestor. New people are joining the list all the time and they may have the info you need. ~ Before responding to a post, please READ ALL OF THE OTHER MESSAGES that have already been sent to avoid duplicating postings. ~ Do remember to READ AND DELETE your MESSAGES on a regular basis. Failure to do so may result in your e-mail being over quota if your ISP provides you with limited e-mail storage. This will cause your messages to bounce and, after a few bounces in a row, your e-mail address will be automatically unsubscribed from the list by RootsWeb's computers. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ GOOD LIST MANNERS: ~ BE KIND AND POLITE to your fellow subscribers. If someone makes a mistake on list, leave it to me to correct that subscriber. If someone posts something you don't like, take it up directly with that person or me privately and not on the list. Don't try to regulate this list or try to be the arbiter of list etiquette -- please leave that job to me. Be assured that although you may not see a message from me about it on list, violators of list guidelines are contacted privately. ~ Do not post messages that may be OFFENSIVE or that are political or religious in nature. Do not post inflammatory and/or insulting messages to the list or to me, as this will result in immediate unsubscription without notice. ~ Remember that although this list discusses English genealogy, it is hosted by a company in the United States and there are people of MANY DIFFERENT CULTURES, COUNTRIES, AND RELIGIONS on the list. What may be acceptable in your culture or country may be unacceptable in another. Use the term "first name" or "forename" rather than "Christian name." Avoid using slang expressions, since these might not be understood, or may be offensive to some. A term of endearment in your country may be a term of abuse in another. When making a humorous comments, it's always a good idea to follow it with an emoticon , e.g., ;-) or <vbg>, to make sure readers know that you're just joking. Need a list of common e-mail abbreviations and emoticons? Contact me privately and I'll send you one. ~ ACKNOWLEDGE replies to your queries. If someone has been of assistance, whether or not the info they sent was what you were seeking, send a *private* message of thanks to them. It's only common courtesy. A simple "thank you" goes a long way. ~ Do not send OFF-LIST LOOKUP REQUESTS. They defeat the entire purpose of the list and put undue pressure on the recipient. ~ Before submitting a query, take a look at the ARCHIVES to see if the subject has already been covered. Didn't make a note of an address or some bit of information that was posted to the list? Check the archives. The archives can be searched at or browsed at Use GENUKI, Google, MultiMap, and other resources before asking for subscriber assistance. ~ Do not CROSS POST (sending the same questions to multiple lists at the same time). For someone on many lists, it is irritating to receive multiple copies of the same message. For someone on a single list, there is no way of knowing if a question has already been answered on another list. ~ ~ ~ ~ HELPFUL SITES: * List information, archives and subscription links: * Other mailing lists: Family History Societies: * Furness Family History Society: * Lancashire Family History & Heraldry Society: * Lancashire Parish Register Society: * Liverpool & SW Lancs FHS: * Manchester & Lancashire FHS: * North Meols FHS: * Ormskirk & District FHS: * Wigan F&LHS: Lancashire family history research: * Blackpool - Issuing of Certificates and Family History Research: * Bolton Archive and Local Studies Service: * Bury Archive Service: * Cyndi's List - Lancashire: * Family history searches in Salford: * Footsteps Photographs - Lancashire: * GENUKI Fylde registration district page: * GENUKI Salford pages: * GENUKI Manchester pages: * GENUKI Lancashire pages: * Greater Manchester Archives: * Lancashire OnLine Parish Clerks: * Lancashire Will Search: * Lancashire Surname Interests: * Lancashire Record Office: * Lancashire Churches: * Leyland Historical Society: * Liverpool Cemeteries: * Liverpool Family history: _history/index.asp * Manchester Central Library (MCL): * Manchester Archives & Local Studies - Family History: * Manchester Chartists: * Manchester 2002: * My ancestors were from Lancashire: * North East England History Pages: * Old Liverpool Newspapers Online: * Oldham Local Studies & Archives: * Our Manchester: * Rochdale's Local Studies Libraries: * Salford Roots: * Salford Hundred: * Salford Local History: * Spartacus Educational: * Spinning the Web - The Story of the Cotton Industry: * Tameside Local Studies and Archives Centre: * Warrington Family History: * Welcome to Bolton!: * Wigan Archive Service: Sites for general England family history research: * RootsWeb's home page contains additional information and a wealth of tips. * To find other mailing lists: and * GENUKI, genealogical information for England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man at * for the 1881 census, IGI, and much more: * The National Archives: * Government records and other sources: * A2A database (archives held throughout England): * 1901 census: * Available British census indexes, transcripts, and images: * Links to on-line transcriptions of UK births, marriages and deaths by county: * FreeBMD -- transcriptions of the Civil Registration index of births, marriages and deaths for England and Wales: * BMD exchange site (find and exchange unwanted certificates): * Order BMD certificates online: * BMD tutorial: * Passenger lists, shipping and immigration information: * UK geography, boundaries, etc.: * Old maps:, * Modern maps:,, * Trade and post office directories: The Digital Library of Historical Directories at * Cyndi's List, categorized and cross-referenced index to genealogical resources on the Internet: * To find a Family History Centre near you: hc_find.asp * Parish locator - PARLOC - freeware can downloaded from: * GENUKI Church Database: * Search IGI batch numbers: * FreeCEN : UK Census Online Project: * Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain - * Jewish Historical Society of England - * Society of Genealogists: * Guild of One Name Studies: * British Counties, Parishes, etc. for Genealogists: * E-mail etiquette tips:,,,,,,, or just search for "netiquette" ~ ~ ~ ~ SUBSCRIPTION HELP: ~ Links to SUBSCRIBE, UNSUBSCRIBE, and VIEW the ARCHIVES of this list are at ~ NOT RECEIVING all the LIST MESSAGES? Perhaps your address was bounced off the list (an automatic process generated by RootsWeb computers when several attempts to deliver to your address have been unsuccessful). You can check to see if you're still subscribed to the list by clicking on "Passwords" at the top of any RootsWeb list. This will take you to where you can enter your e-mail address and receive a message containing the names of all the lists to which you belong. If you don't see a particular list, then you know you'll have to resubscribe. Check RootsWeb's Help Pages to see if there if your ISP is blocking RootsWeb's messages or if there is another problem being reported ( ~ If you NEED ASSISTANCE, you can reach the administrator of any RootsWeb list by addressing your mail to (substituting the name of the list for LISTNAME). It's also a good idea to keep a record of each list administrator's personal e-mail address just in case you need to reach the administrator when RootsWeb's servers are down. Keep in mind that lists are administered by unpaid volunteers who are not online 24/7, so please don't expect an immediate response. CONTACT ME at or my personal address if you are unable to resolve subscription problems or have questions or comments about the guidelines. - - - - - - - - - SUBSCRIBING/UNSUBSCRIBING: You are currently subscribed in "mail mode", which means that you will receive every posting made to ENG-LAN-FYLDE as a separate e-mail. How to unsubscribe. Send a message to that contains in the body of the message and as the subject the single word unsubscribe and no additional text. If you'd like to post a message so everyone on the mailing list receives it, just send it to: It will then be sent on to everyone in both mail and digest mode. If you wish to switch to Digest mode, just unsubscribe from List mode and resubscribe in Digest mode. Use the links at To contact the administrator of this mailing list, send mail to or to