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by Jan Marchant
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Please take the time to review the following ... The rules for this list are simple and common-sense. The subscribers to this list range from very experienced researchers to complete beginners. ALL posts dealing with ANY aspect of genealogical or family history research on the subject of this list are on-topic for this list and are strongly encouraged, with the following exceptions: (a) posts that are illegal, obscene, indecent, defamatory, incite racial or ethnic hatred, or violate the rights of others in an unacceptable way (including harvesting subscribers' addresses for other uses) are not allowed and will result in immediate unsubscription; (b) flaming is not allowed and will result in moderation status for a period of time ("flaming" is sending posts that contain personal attacks or abuse to the list; "moderation status" means that you will continue to receive all posts, but any posts you send to the list will be vetted before being posted); (c) no matter how strongly you feel about an issue, "political comment" is not allowed and will result in moderation status for a period of time; "political comment" includes current events, missing persons, "glad the birth went well" messages (please send these privately!), and other off-topic content; (d) virus warnings and similar posts are not allowed and will result in moderation status for a period of time; only the list admin. or deputy admin. can post virus warnings and even then, it will occur only in extreme circumstances ... all subscribers are expected to have adequate anti-virus ("AV") software running, preferably updated at least weekly; (e) posts that violate copyright are not allowed (small excerpts from copyrighted works provided in response to specific questions are welcome but please use discretion); forwarding a post without the permission of the author is almost always a violation of copyright; (f) commercial posts are not allowed without the express prior permission of the list admin. or deputy admin. A commercial post is a reference to any site that charges for goods or services but excludes (1) sites in the public sector that might charge for services and (2) sites in the private sector that provide information drawn, under contract, from public sector sources. This can be a somewhat grey area so, if in doubt, please check with the list admin. first. Subscribers' experiences with commercial sites are welcome as long as there's no "advertising" context (including references to fee structures, etc.). Please use common sense with commercial posts and if in doubt, again, please check with the list admin. or deputy admin. first; (g) cross-posting is strongly discouraged ("cross-posting" is sending a post on a general topic to multiple lists dealing with specific topics, for example, sending a post on research techniques to the FEEBLEVESTER surname list when there is no direct connection to FEEBLEVESTER); (h) constructive comments about RootsWeb or Ancestry (which, after all, provide us with this free service) are not discouraged; criticism is strongly discouraged; (i) subscribers are assumed to be familiar with RootsWeb's Acceptable Use Policy, which can be read at ; (j) then there are those annoying little things which subscribers should try to remember to make it easy for others: - capitalise surnames (it makes posts SO easy to read!); - keep tagline (i.e., "signature block") length reasonable; - <snip> unnecessary text in responses; and - use meaningful subject lines; (k) the use of anti-spam software such as SpamArrest, SpamGuard, or similar software that requires the recipient to "register" with the sender is incompatible with high volume mailing lists and will result in moderation status until the software is modified so as to exclude the list and its subscribers. The use of "out-of-office" messages is also incompatible with high volume mailing lists and will result in unsubscription; BUT, above all, have fun, and enjoy and use the tremendous range of expertise and resources that are available to you through this list! 7. I can be reached at the admin. address: [Listname] , and will try to respond to all queries as quickly as I can. Please feel free to contact me at any time directly on any matter related to the list! Thanks and, again, welcome! Peter Wyant List Admin.