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Please read the following Introductory Message Welcome To All DeGruy [and Allied Family] Researchers: As stated on the Rootsweb site this mailing list is dedicated to the discussion and sharing of information regarding the DeGruy surname and all its many variations (e.g., De Gruy, Du Gruy, DeGruy, Degruise, Degruys, de Grui, Grui, de Gruy, Gruy, Degruis, Dugruise, Verloin de Gruy, Verloin de Gruis, DuFouchard DeGruy, Dumenil DeGruy) in any place and at any time. We also investigate the families allied to our DeGruys. The focus of this list is on genealogical research specifically on the DeGruy surname and allied families. It is not a general discussion list. It has a focus, which should be respected by list members. Some words of caution: As this is a "discussion" list we cannot be responsible for information in individual postings. Commentaries from list members cannot not be accepted as "fact." Family legends should not be entirely discounted, but Cannot Be Considered Factual Unless Evidence Is Provided. All data must be verified and proved through the Proper, Scholarly Use of Source Annotations. List Members are cautioned to be careful about information obtained from the Internet. Just because "family history" appears on a website on the Internet Does Not Mean That It Is Accurate. Again, citing sources is essential. Our goal is to produce a DeGruy database as complete and as error free as possible. It is my hope that this will be a true collaborative project. One of our dreams is to submit something on the DeGruy family to New Orleans Genesis; something along the lines of what Irna Centanni and others have done for such families as the Hotards and St. Amands. At the very least, it will be wonderful to have a group of folks whom we can consult whenever the research road has led us into yet another blind alley. Let me make some practical suggestions for navigating this list: * Make your subject headings as specific as possible * Do not just hit Reply without first deleting extraneous material This is especially important if you're using the digest form. Delete everything but the specific item or question to which you are responding. * Very important: do not put your personal information on the web. Respond off-list if you want to give your mailing address or your phone number or a web site you do not want available to the general public. * Do not put personal information about other living relatives on the list. * We should protect each other's privacy as well as our own. The Internet is basically eternal. Once material is out there you cant get it back. So Be Careful what you write. * New members are invited to introduce themselves and share the areas in which they are currently working, or folks they are currently searching, or how long they have been doing family history research. * Members should feel free to share this information with friends or fellow researchers who might find it helpful. There may be other family members out there who have much to share but either do not know about us or do not have the technology to respond. Offer to submit information on behalf of those who do not have email. Many older DeGruys might fall into this category. * We also have a Degruy website at Let us know if youd like access to that invitation only site. * This list cannot take attachments [files, photos, document images, etc.] That is why we have the Spokt site. The list cannot take specific fonts or accent marks [like the accent aigu in French] or styles [like italics & boldface]. Please note that all messages posted to this mailing list are also added to the list archives on General information about the mailing list, including links to the list archives, can be found at: Celine Degruy Johnson is our assistant list administrator. Celine is much more computer-savvy than I. Please let either Celine or me know if there is anything we can do to help. I, we, look forward to meeting you in cyberspace! Renee Hotard List Administrator Revised 3/2011