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The purpose of this mailing list is to discuss and share information relating to anyone researching their Polish heritage in the state of Connecticut. If you are a digest subscriber and prefer to receive the digest in MIME format (where messages are attachments) instead of messages being displayed as inline text in the body of the message, please contact the list administrator to set your subscription to send the digest in MIME format. To contact the administrator of this mailing list, send mail to CT-POLISH-admin@rootsweb.com. Every message sent to this list is archived on the RootsWeb server and becomes available for public viewing. Please, don't send any information to the list that you don't want seen by the general public! There are three basic rules on this list: no flaming, no advertising for-fee services, and topics must apply to research Polish ancestry in the state of Connecticut. 1. How to subscribe. Whatever you just did worked, or you'd not be getting this message. But for future reference (for instance, if your subscription is cancelled for whatever reason and you want to resubscribe), just send the command "subscribe" to CT-POLISH-request@rootsweb.com. 2. How to change to digest mode (several postings are combined and sent to you together as a single large message). There are two steps. First, send the command "unsubscribe" to CT-POLISH-request@rootsweb.com to discontinue mail mode. Second, send the command "subscribe" to CT-POLISH-D-request@rootsweb.com to start receiving digests. 3. If you'd like to post a message to the list, just send it to CT-POLISH@rootsweb.com. It will then be sent on to everyone in both mail and digest mode. You don't need to send it explicitly to both.