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A list for researching Jewish heritage in Britain (and dependencies)

This list is designed to support those researching Jewish heritage in Britain (and any dependencies). It is NOT the place for researching families from outside Britain. By Britain we mean the UK, any Commonwealth or former Commonwealth country (as long as the research period is appropriate) and any dependency. We will allow a little flexibility in that it is fine to ask about immigration and emigration. Questions to the list can be specific or generic to the life of British Jews. Before you post we suggest you check the archives to make sure that your question has not been asked already. There is a lot of information, including member submitted information on <a href="">our website</a>. If you have not already visited this we suggest you do. This includes generic UK information for those who are not familiar with searching for the UK, generic "Jewish" information for those new to Jewry and databases of information you might find useful (terms apply to the use of database material). Queries specific to this website should be sent to the webmaster using the tools on the website. We also have a Facebook page at just ask to join, but be warned we only approve people who answer the questions! When you post it is important that you are clear about what you are trying to find, what you already know and where you are in the world. We ask you to sign with your name and city, country of residence. The latter is so that people can point you to appropriate resources. Whilst we understand that some people are worried about anti-Semitic acts we have not found that anyone has had any issues with this. However, if you prefer, please use an alias. Members of this list are from all over the world, many are Jewish and many are not. This is an extremely helpful list where some members have regular access to resources and repositories and are very willing to aid others if they ask nicely.