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Boyd. A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the Boyd surname and variations in any place and at any time. The oldest Boyd discussion list online. Rootsweb archives of this list begin 12 July 1997. The discussion began in the early 1990s and some of the older messages will be found posted to this archive.

A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the Boyd surname and variations in any place and at any time. The oldest Boyd discussion list online. Rootsweb archives of this list begin 12 July 1997. The discussion began in the early 1990s and some of the older messages will be found posted to this archive.

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Anything above this line is a canned message from __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ >>PRINT AND SAVE THIS MESSAGE WHERE YOU CAN EASILY FIND IT.<<< Ceud Mile Failte! Welcome to the BOYD mailing list! We are the oldest online Boyd discussion list. To read a history of this list, please visit: Some folks are surprised to find that Boyd is a Scottish surname, no matter where else the research might have taken them. The BCL [now the Boyd list at Rootsweb] has always been a gathering place for Boyds and those researching the name -- kind of a Clan Tent online, if you will. There is room for genealogy, history, genetics, genealogical or Scots related humor and discussion amongst each other. No fistfights or rowdy arguments tolerated, although polite disagreement is something that naturally occurs from time to time. There is also information passed on to Members of the House of Boyd Society via this list as we live at such distances. Unlike most any other surname list online, you may find that some folks on this list have actually met face to face. This is due to the list being originated by an organization, The House of Boyd Society. (read the history of the list.) There will be posts regarding Scottish Gatherings or Celtic Festivals that will alert listmembers of opportunities to come and join each other at the Clan tent. All messages sent to the Rootsweb servers must be in plain text only. No fancy colors or HTML formatting. No graphics or attachments. Rootsweb made this choice years ago as it not only takes less bandwidth on the servers, it prevents the transmission of virus/worms/Trojan horses via the lists. Those "baddies" cannot hide in plain text. Please consult your email client's help text to adjust your settings. This list is now set to auto-reply to the list. Watch your addressee line. When replying to an individual only, be sure you don't have the list address also included. This can save some embarrassment at times! There is no longer a need to use the "reply all" feature to ensure the reply goes to the list. Most messages should be replied to onlist. Private replies regarding genealogy posted should be the exception, rather than the rule. However, you will probably want to keep any exchanges of address and phone numbers to private messages -- remember all the messages are archived in a worldwide forum. Browse the archives: Search the archives, choose "Advanced Search" Most people will receive copies of the messages they send to the lists at There are some email clients, such as Gmail, that do not put copies of messages sent to yourself in your in box. You have a copy in your sent box and can check against the archives to see if your post is there as well. When someone replies to your message, a gmail account will show your original message and the reply in a conversation that WILL show in your in-box. This is a gmail function, not a Rootsweb setting. If your message does not appear in the archives, please contact the admin before re-posting your message. There is sometimes a delay at the server. If there's another issue at hand, the admin may be able to assist you in trouble-shooting it so it may be resolved. A bit about Subject Lines: Make them good and juicy! You want to attract the attention of those not only on the list, but to the future viewers of the archived messages. Make certain they match the content of your message-- especially when replying to a long running thread! Do not use generic subjects such as "help" "genealogy" "family history" "Boyd". They won't attract much attention, as those topics are already a given! All subject lines are prepended and begin [Boyd]. Go ahead and use a lengthy subject line: "Robert Boyd, married to Mary Stewart, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland, 1462" To ensure that folks that are only interested in the collection and exchange of genealogical dates, places and names, and not interested in other types of posts can skip messages that don't fit their interests, it is even more important on this list to check your subject line before pushing the send button to see that it matches the content of your message. We all from time to time have seen threads with the same subject line that follows the participants although the subject is far from what it was originally, or those that reference a Digest version number. Let's be diligent in having that happen as little as possible. It will cut down on reminder messages to stay on topic. For those messages that wander, please consider using a bit of a prepend... "Humor" "Book Review" "Recipe" "Genetics" "Red Hair," etc. so that those few that prefer to just read genealogy and history can immediately dump the message on sight. Link Sharing: If you find a website you feel interesting and find yourself compelled to share, do not just post the link. Listers hate that. Give a review of the site --- beyond "I found Boyds here." If you only post links, you will find your subscription moderated and those posts will not be released to the list. Cross posting/posting privately received messages: When you find information on another list, either in the archives or having received it in your email in box, the preferred method of sharing is to provide the link to the message in the archives. Quote a portion or tell us what to find at the link, but do not quote the entire message. . . to do so infringes copyright and the AUP. If you have permission to repost, then go for it. There are several types of lists at Surname, Location, Topic. There are multiple lists for Boyd. Please consider that most people are subscribed to the Boyd list and may also be subscribed to the others. Rootsweb suggests we limit the posts, as much as practical, to one. Reason being it saves people the aggravation of receiving multiple copies of the same message, keeps confusion down with regard to which list they actually received it from and where to continue the discussion and saves room on Rootsweb&#65533;s servers rather than clogging them with duplicate or triplicate or more messages. If you happen to be subscribed to another list, do not assume that others on the Boyd list are also subscribed. Do not post replies from discussion on the Boyd list to other lists. The lists are not interchangeable. It will confuse people and may miss your target audience -- those who posted the messages in the discusion to begin with! You may be interested in subscribing to the other Boyd Resources I administer: exists to support discussion of the Boyd DNA project and genetic genealogy. (note the all important dash between Clan and Boyd) which is in the section of the lists and Topics > Ethnic / Race > Celtic > Scottish Clans > category of the message boards. It is also gatewayed with the matching message board. This list and board was established several years after the Boyd list without consideration that the Clan already had established the Boyd list to communicate. The Clan-Boyd ethnic Scots board and list include discussion by and for our Associated Families and will contain announcements of clan activities --- when we remember to use that resource! It is NOT a genealogically focused list or board. Modern genealogy is actually off topic. When you receive a message from someone privately, keep in mind that you should have their permission prior to posting their message on a publicly archived list. Invite them to subscribe to the list if they do not already. Consider that they may have a purpose for sending the message off list if they are already subscribed. If you are in doubt, suggest they post their message on list so you may reply for the benefit of all and to ensure the data shared is archived. There's not much considered off topic on this list, but there are a couple that are really easily defined: Virus messages/warnings are off topic and are *not* to be posted to the list. Send them to the List Admin for review and possible relay to the list. This list has an excellent record for protecting each other from the spread of virus/worms/trojan horses. Be sure you have your anti-virus software installed, up-to-date, on and activated. The data you save may be your own! Should you receive virus warnings from others, before taking action that may be deleterious to your computer, you probably will want to visit the virus encyclopaedias of the various anti-virus software companies. To name a couple: Chain letters, schmaltzy "find the missing child messages," and others of this ilk are also not to be posted to this list. If you receive these from others, you will want to check them out at before sending them to others. You will find that 9.9 times out of 10, they are a HOAX. If you feel you must share -- run it past the List Admin first. Other no-no's: No posting of "test" messages. No posting of copyright information. No links to sites known to infringe on copyright. No flames or nastygrams. That's not what we're here for! And if there is something else that comes up.... the List Admin will privately let you know. A search of the List Archives for "Admin Note" in the subject line will bring up messages sent on list to alert List Members as necessary to keep the list on track. They will contain additional information that was pertinent to the group's list experience. Admin Notes" are not to be replied to on the list. Send your comments to Admin Duties are mostly done behind the scenes... no public chastisement is ever done on this list! If you have an issue with a poster or a post -- email the List Admin in private to discuss the matter. The Admin is active and involved. Just because you do not see any "action" on list does not mean it has not been taken. This behind the scenes 'rule" is not to hide anything-- it is to maintain the flow of the list and ensure the subscribers' peaceful enjoyment. If you have issue with the Admin, if it is not able to be resolved by email with the Admin, your avenue for recourse is to contact the Help Desk. Keep in line with Rootsweb's AUP -- it is little to ask to allow us to have this discussion list and also ensure it is archived "forever." Disciplinary consequences: When necessary, those who break the rules or disrupt things will find themselves: -- smacked with the "VLF" -- very large flyswatter. This causes their ability to post to be removed for one week --- or until the Admin remembers to restore them. -- moderated until such time they demonstrate the ability to follow the rules. -- unsubscribed and banned from resubscribing. We are all adults. There is no warning required before enacting disciplinary measures. As a way of introduction, please post "Who, Where and When" you are currently researching. Be sure to tell us what your burning questions are, so we don't assume that you know everything and are just sharing the fruits of your labor! Let us know what records you have already checked when you are telling us of a brick wall -- this way we won't send you back to where you've already checked. When you are tempted to post an Outline or other report from your genealogical software, go ahead. However, be prepared that doing this along with the statement "if this looks familiar, pleasecontact me" will not engender as much response as you may think or desire. This is not to say -- DON'T. However, you will also want to include a good query with it. Or follow the "data dump" with several good queries that focus on a smaller portion of your research. To see the trees through the forest, so to speak. By this method, you will generally see an improved rate of response. Oh, btw -- should you see on any list "Roll Call" -- be sure to change the subject to reflect your post and your lineage or the point will be buried in a slough of messages with the very same subject line. As our list is open to a worldwide audience, it is best that when posting, one does not assume others are familiar with the geography of your research area. List the town/city, county/shire, state/province, and COUNTRY. Don't use postal codes -- not only have they only existed for about 40 years, they are not something used or understood worldwide. We have members on this list from Scotland, England, France, Germany, Canada, Japan Australia, New Zeland, Mexico and the United States. Listmembers are at various stages in their research. Some are newbies just beginning. Some are more experienced. Some have been researching for over 20 years. Some are still researching where their ancestors immigrated to and others are more fortunate to have progressed to research of where they may have immigrated from. Still others are lucky to still live in the same place their ancestors resided. We have members that are exploring Boyd Slave Ancestry as well. Aboriginal Ancestry is also part of the Boyd Ancestry for those down under. Some folks prefer to use all caps for surnames. That is ok. Just don't write your entire message using caps as that is considered rude and as shouting. Nor should one use all lowercase -- it is poor English! and bugs some folks -- not the List Admin , but others. :) Do not lose hope that you will find a connection. I have been on the list since before it was at Rootsweb. I have yet to run into a (documented) cousin. However, that does not mean I have not "made a connection." Keep in mind that one must write mail if one wants to receive mail. Lurking and not posting does not let your cousins know you are here waiting for them! Keep track of when you last posted. Once a year is not enough. Quarterly is better, but may still not be frequent enough. People join and leave lists all the time. Don't let your cousins cruise through the list and miss meeting you! The Boyd list is the granddaddy of all of the Boyd resources and has hundreds of subscribers. As with all lists, there is a natural ebb and flow. If the list feels "slow" to you, send a message that will trigger discussion and sharing of data. You will see mention of offer to print your query in the House of Boyd Society quarterly newsletter the "Dean Road" (trademark name) ISSN# 1087-223X. Your queries will never be printed without your permission. If you would like them printed for distribution to the House of Boyd Society members, send a separate message to the Editor, Kevin McLachlan at his Society address It is preferred you add Dean Road in the subject line. We will need your postal address in order to supply it in the query for contact and to ensure you receive a complimentary copy of the issue that contains your query. This is something the Society offers for free as a way to help all Boyds, online or not, to connect with each other. The Society publication, in print since 1988, is also sent to several genealogical libraries in order they will be available to those researching the Boyd name and its History. Please be considerate of those that receive the digest version of the list. Do not quote the entire message you are responding to. We will have all received a copy. If there are some salient points you feel would better support the response, then please do quote them. Please be especially cognizant of cutting off prior messages when responding-- when discussion gets lively folks tend to forget this before hitting the send button. Pause, take a deep breath and cut off the message you are replying to, then hit the send button! [If you are challenged by technology to cut off the prior messages, check the "help" section of your email client. Most people now know how to highlight and delete.] DO sign your posts so folks will know who they are "talking" with. It is only polite. You will find you are in good company. re Signature lines: Please keep them to 4 lines or less Please be sure you have the "appropriate" signature chosen -- turn off your office signature. Please do not include political or religious statements --- current religion and regional politics are not the topic of this list. Exercise those opinions in a more appropriate arena. To keep the search engines from providing false "hits" do not include lists of surnames in your signature line. Only the surnames contained in your message should be included if at all. If you don't "get" why I state this, visit the Philadelphia Interactive search engine and search on the surname Boyd. Pet Peeve: when to use Boyds vs Boyd's The plural for Boyd is Boyds. The possessive for Boyd is Boyd's. The plural possessive for Boyd is Boyds'. Most importantly --- have fun and enjoy your interaction with your cousins. Remember we are all family here. Follow the Golden Rule. Thanks for taking time to read the whole message. Don't forget to print it and to save it where you can find it! You will find the folk on the list to be friendly and supportive. We like to tease as well. If you are a redhead, please share that with the list. There has been a running thread re red hair and "red haired" days, since the beginning! We just canna help ourselves. The topic will come up again. It just never dies. When you feel the need to unsubscribe, please send me a quick note letting me know how your experience on the list was. I used to send personal notes when I saw that someone was leaving the list, however having since adopted many more lists, just could not manage to get them out timely. We admins used to have the ability to customize our "good bye" message as we can our welcome message and I had devised a questionnaire that came in the auto-generated response from the server. With the change in list software in 2006, we no longer have that ability. I do read all the responses and take them to heart. If you are merely going on vacation, please mark your calendar to remind yourself to re-subscribe upon your return! If you feel overwhelmed by mail when the discussion picks up, consider switching to Digest mode instead of total unsubscription. Ceud Mile Failte! [A hundred thousand welcomes!] Yours Aye, Lauren Lauren Boyd McLachlan, FSA Scot Boyd List Admin Rootsweb Volunteer since 1996 ______________________________________________________________________________ Anything below this line is a canned message from