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Re: Killed after September 1944
by Stasa Cvetkovic
19 hours, 50 minutes
Re: Killed after September 1944
by Stasa Cvetkovic
1 day, 23 hours
Re: look up
by Stasa Cvetkovic
2 days, 17 hours
Re: Killed after September 1944
by Stasa Cvetkovic
3 days
Re: BANAT Digest, Vol 14, Issue 8
by Charlie Tiller
3 days
Visiting Banat with Stasa Cvetkovic
by Rosina
3 days, 20 hours
Killed after September 1944
by Stasa Cvetkovic
2 days, 22 hours
Encampment Letter and Letter of Protection
by molnar15
4 days, 22 hours
Ernsthausen family book sold-out
by Karen Dalton Preston
5 days, 21 hours
Vittoncourt PDF - Martin & Adam families in Lorraine
by David Preston
4 days, 21 hours
Marianna Bremerhaus in record A 059 of Molidorf FB
by Larry Fischer
6 days, 12 hours
Re: Lovrin
by Christine Clark
1 week, 2 days
Banat List Archives
by David Preston
1 week, 3 days
Re: [Akdff-l] Suche GASSENHEIMER
by David Dreyer
1 week, 5 days
Re: Ethnic Germans in Yugoslavia 1948 - 1960
by List user
2 weeks, 2 days
Ethnic Germans in Yugoslavia 1948 - 1960
by Rosina
2 weeks, 1 day
Happy 2019 & List service is back
by David Preston
2 weeks, 3 days
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    The Banat List is a group of individuals that are interested in researching the area of Central and Eastern Europe known as the Banat. The villages in the Banat include: Albrechtsflor, Alexanderhausen, Billed, Bogarosch, Bruckenau, Chronik Schoendorf, Csatad, Lenauheim, Darowa, Das Dorf Sakula im Banat, D-Bentschek, D-Elemer, D-Etschka-Sigmundfeld, Rudolfsgnad, Detta, D-Stamora, D-Zerne, Ebendorf, Engelsbrunn, Neubeschenowa, Freidorf, Giseladorf, Panjowa, Glogau, Glogon, Glogowatz, Gottlob, Grabatz, Gross-Jetscha, Gross-Komlosch, Gross St. Peter, Guttenbrunn, Hatzfeld, Heufeld, Heufeld-Mastort, Homolitz, Jabuka, Apfeldorf, Jahrmarkt, Johannisfeld, Josefdorf, Kathreinfeld, St. Georgen, Klein Betschkerek, Klein-Jetscha, Klein-Omor, ein Dort im Banat Familienbuch, Klek Familienzusammenstellung, Knes, Kovin, Kubin, Kübeckhausen, Kübekhaza, Lazarfeld, Klek, Lenauheim, Lenauheim, Csatad, Liebling, Lippa, Lovrin Deine Ahnen, Lugosch, Lunga, Sellesch, Marienfeld, Massdorf, Modosch, Molidorf, Mramoraker, Kirchenbuecher, Nakodorf, Neubeschenowa, Neu- und Gross St. Peter, Neuburg an der Bega, Neudorf, Nitzkydorf,Offsenitza, Oppowa, Köningsdorf, Ostern, Pantschowa, Pancova, Pardan, Perjamosch, Rekasch, Sackelhausen, Sanktanna, Sartscha, Schoendorf, Segenthau, Segenthau, Semlak, Setschan, St. Andreas, St. Hubert, Charleville, Soltur, Startschowa, Stephansfeld, Triebswetter, Tschanad, Cenad, Ulmbach, Neupetsch, Wiener Trauungen, Wiseschdia and Zichydorf.

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    Welcome to the Banat Mailing List! Many subscribers have found a "cyber family" here that is eager to aid you in your genealogical pursuits. Remember, we were all once beginners and regard no question as being too elementary. The archives are easy to search and will usually return a host of answers. The list, which now has over 759 subscribers, was founded by Bob Madler in February, 1995 to serve as a forum for help and discussion for those interested in Donauschwaben history, customs, and genealogy. Rather than send a long message with information on subscribing, posting guidelines, archives, and support we decided to send you a brief welcome message and provide a link to a website that will answer questions about the mailing list. We suggest you add it to your favorites or bookmark it. Our posting guidelines and other information is located at Please take a moment to read them. On this site the menu on the right hand side under Banat Mailing List has several pages you can review for information on accessing the archives which go back to 1997, and instructions for unsubscribing, the digest version of the list, etc. Rootsweb Acceptable Use Policy (AUP This mailing list is hosted by and they have established an Acceptable Use Policy which we must follow. Please take a couple of minutes to read their important policy at For questions about this list, contact the list administrator at For your verification, a transcript of the original subscription request is included below: