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A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the ancestors of the original European settlers of the Canadian Maritime provinces and Louisiana, their Amerindian relatives, and their descendants worldwide after 1755.

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Dear soon to be cousin, Welcome to the Acadian List. This list is about all descendants of the original European settlers and their Amer-Indian cousins in the Maritime Provinces of present-day Canada and the nearby coast of Maine. Families of anyone who later married into these families is also researchable. All families of the diaspora of the Grand Derangement will be addressed in this forum. It is hoped that many new connections will be made and many presently known lineages extended and verified to their origins and to the present time. To check our archive https://lists.rootsweb.com/postorius/lists/acadian.rootsweb.com/ Everyone is welcome. We are joined on a mutual journey. All that is asked is respect for others, especially to have the freedom to research any related person, location, or event by any genealogical or academic method they choose. This respect would also include adherence to the International Copyright Laws and the privatization of information as required by the statutes of Canada and the United States; that is for individuals born after 1900 in Quebec and 1930 in the United States or anyone still living. The data gathered is for personal use and is not to be gathered en masse for other purposes. Looking forward to your participation. In fellowship, Paul LeBlanc List Administrator